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Food Displays Include Beverage Dispensers, Display Racks, Menu Holders, and Bulk Bins!

February 26th, 2014

Hot Coffee Dispensing Station Our inventory stocks merchandise that is used in the food service industry for the purpose of showcasing, serving, and promoting! Bulk bins, gravity dispensers, table tents, wicker baskets, menu boards, condiment holders, and carafes are all different types of food displays that are used by restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, bowling alleys, grocery stores, and sports complexes. We feature more than 700 unique commercial supplies designed for use by restaurants, catering services, and bakery establishments that sell to the public. Check out our website to see the large selection of wholesale food displays sold in our huge, online catalog!

What are the basic categories of food display merchandise?
  • Self Servers: These are items used for self-service, including carafes, condiment trays and beverage dispensers. In addition, they can also include condiment racks and display stands that hold packaged produce.
  • Display Cases: These are acrylic bakery fixtures in which goods and produce are placed, such as bagel bins and cake dishes, gravity and scoop cereal dispensers, and wicker baskets and trays.
  • Tabletop Displays: These are commercial items such as table tents, flip charts, menu covers, and clip holders. They are used to hold menu cards that highlight dessert menus, beverages, or daily specials. They may also be used by catering companies as table decorations.
  • Store Fixtures: These are items such as menu boards, stands, and frames, exterior rated signs, umbrellas, and flags. These are generally larger items, such as A-frame signs, that may be placed indoors or out to promote daily specials.
Restaurant Menu on Easel

Many food establishments like to write their menus on blackboards mounted to the wall. This hand-written look adds charming style to eateries, especially if the menu is small and changes constantly. But why stop there? Why not give your menu the center of attention? Isn't that what your patrons are here to see? We suggest propping your menu on a floor easel. This draws attention while at the same time providing a decidedly different dining experience for your clientele. Waiters can even pick up the menu to display right at the table while he/she describes each dish. This technique helps to engage your customers with a more intimate experience, as well as show them your dedication and passion for food.

With so many items to choose from, how do you go about selecting the perfect product?
  • While there is quite the variety of serveware, you must look at your restaurant décor and the number of patrons you serve. If you have a self-serve counter, self-serve equipment is appropriate. If you have a sit-down restaurant, you will want items designed for use by your wait or catering staff. Proprietors may want many different items to satisfy the unique needs of each customer.
  • Display cases are ideal for hotels, restaurant and bakery shops, and commercial catering that have tabletop or countertop displays. These displays keep items fresh while providing protection from outside contaminants. Your personnel may use them or they may be used in self-serve environments. These displays are ideal for a wide variety of bakery displays.
  • Table tents are used by most commercial establishments and also by retailers as they are inexpensive acrylic signs that can be placed strategically on counters and tables frequented by potential customers. Catering businesses who need to provide table numbers for assigned seating will need table numbers with stands. Clip-on sign holders and other clip holders identify the contents or prices placed on trays in a display case. The clip holders are often used by event coordinators to hold photos and miscellaneous items that add color or style to a table setting. Acrylic table tents and flip charts showcase a variety of items. They are often seen in restaurants, hotels, and food courts exhibiting daily specials, specialty drinks, dessert menus, and retail products or services.
  • Store fixtures draw attention to daily specials. Placed inside a restaurant, they inform patrons of special promotions. On the sidewalk, they catch the attention of passersby to entice them into an establishment. Store fixtures may also include outdoor signage in which menus can be displayed. Flags and umbrellas are also examples of store fixtures.
Countertop merchandising rack made with wicker and wire. Bulk Bins hold dry goods such as cereal, coffee beans, nuts, and candies. Bulk bins can be either dispensing or scooped. Gravity bins feature a handle that opens and closes the bin to dispense cereals and candies. Scoop bins require scoops or tongs to retrieve items from the bin. Some models have a portion control system that ensures bowls and bags will not overflow. These display fixtures are seen in a variety of settings including hotels, convenience stores, and retail outlets. While they were designed for produce, they may be used to display small items such as thread, nail files, or lip-gloss. These commercial store fixtures are constructed of durable acrylic to last through years of constant use.

Bakery Cases showcase cakes, bagels, doughnuts, pastries, muffins, fine chocolates, and cupcakes. Some models may be acrylic cake dishes or they may feature shelves for pastries and doughnuts. The company sells a wide variety of commercial domes and trays. These high-quality items are constructed with durable acrylic or heat resistant polycarbonate plastic. Peruse our online catalog to see our entire colection of bins and cases!

Menu Boards and Exterior Rated Signs are store fixtures that really attract attention to your restaurant. The durable aluminum or plastic frames are designed to provide years of service. Many sidewalk signs are engineered for outdoor use meaning they can withstand light winds and rain. Indoor menu boards are generally wet or dry erase marker boards on which promotional information can be written. Menu boards may also be changeable letter store fixtures. Use neon or fluorescent markers on an illuminated menu board for a vivid display that will get noticed.

While we have emphasized the catering and retail stores applications of food service equipment, these versatile items may be used at home as well. Use gravity dispensers in the kitchen or use bulk bins to separate craft supplies. Every home can use a stylish cake dish. Holiday specialties can be artfully displayed on any tray. Clip holders are ideal for desktops. Wicker baskets can be used to hold breads, fruits, nuts, or flowers. Condiment racks can keep your salt and pepper close at hand, while beverage dispensers can ensure that brewed pot of coffee stays warm throughout the evening. Many options are available for home use!

Sidewalk sign with grocery store advertising We feature the best selection of wholesale restaurant and catering service equipment on the Internet. Our online catalog is filled with 100s of cases and store fixtures for every possible use. Table tents, dispensers, menu holders, carafes, A-frame signs - we have them! And don't forget, if it's in stock and you order by 1 pm EST, your item features same day shipment. Check out our selection of white papers written by our very own staff! If you can't trust these white paper experts, who can you trust? Our quality products are built to provide you with years of service. Need assistance? Our friendly customer service staff can help. Call us Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Or, while online, participate in a live chat during these same hours. Feel free to E-mail your questions to us anytime. We are happy answer your service display questions. Our customers are our number one priority! Check out our online catalog to find the service accessories you need at a price you can afford. Order display cases and store fixtures online today!